Lake not so Serene

On Sunday, I went for a hike with Jessey, a friend from work, to Bridal Veil Falls near Stevens Pass. It was a grey and dreary day, but we forged ahead anyways. The hike started off innocently enough – we meandered along an old road that took us through a mossy forest and some dense grass. But, then the trail split and we climbed up a series of wooden staircases to eventually reach a look-out in front of Bridal Veil Falls, which were raging! After observing them for a minute or two we were soaked so we decided to keep on moving.

At this point, we were tired but we were curious to see Lake Serene so we took the trail fork to the lake. Soon, we came across another set of waterfalls tumbling down a massive rock wall. Turns out, these falls were just a gimmick to lure us up the incredibly steep, muddy and rocky trail full of switchbacks, wooden stairs and inexplicable mud troughs. After what felt like two hours of climbing straight up, we finally made it to the top! Unfortunately, it was so foggy that we couldn’t see the lovely Lake Serene but we could just barely make out a few random icebergs floating in the mostly frozen lake. It was chilly up there so we quickly ate our snacks and hiked down to complete the 7+ mile round trip hike (most of it uphill).

While it was a little longer – and definitely more grueling – than we anticipated, it was a fantastic workout and it was nice to get outside despite the gloomy Seattle weather.

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(P.S. The picture below is what it’s supposed to look like. We’ll have to go back later in the summer on a sunny day!)