Sailing around San Juan

This past weekend, Brian and I ventured north to the San Juan Islands, a lovely group of tiny islands in Washington near the Canadian border. I went there with Terence two summers ago for a lovely kayaking adventure, but it was Brian’s first time. We left Seattle right after work on Friday and booked it up to Anacortes to make the evening ferry over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. We headed straight to our campground, Lakedale Resorts, set up shop whilst avoiding the massive slugs that were everywhere and went to bed.

Map-of-San-Juan-IslandWe spent all day Saturday out on the water, exploring all around San Juan in a rented motorboat, which we got from Friday Harbor Boats and RV. We left out of Roche Harbor on the north side of the island and then went around Spieden Island, where we saw a group of sea lions and a whole bunch of  deer – which we later learned were imported by the island’s owner, the founder of Oakley. Next, we voyaged further north to Stuart Island where we docked at Stuart Island State Park and walked around for a bit before returning to the boat. Just before we were about to take off, a kind  woman brought over a fresh Dungeness crab which she and her husband had caught earlier that morning and cooked. Delicious! We then meandered down the west coast of San Juan Island in hopes of catching a glimpse of a few whales, but we didn’t have any luck so we turned around and stopped by Westcott Bay Sea Farms to check out some of the fresh oysters. Neither of us know anything about oysters so we were a bit out of our league and since we were camping, we didn’t really have any place to store them so we chickened out. We went back up to Roche Harbor for a few drinks on the patio at Madrona Bar & Grill and were soon ready for the rest of the afternoon on the water. We went back north and around the top of San Juan Island, ending up in Friday Harbor where we docked again and grabbed a late lunch of sandwiches, cherries, chips and Two Beers Brown Ale from King’s Market, which we ate on the boat. Everything tastes better at sea! We had just enough time to make it back to Roche Harbor before we had to return the boat. To round out the evening, we decided to head back to Friday Harbor for a drink at Cask and Schooner Public House and a midnight snack at the Rumor Mill before retiring to our campsite. All in all, a fantastic day!

After a quick breakfast on Sunday, we boarded a ferry back to Anacortes and returned to our life on the mainland. What a fun experience, I’d strongly recommend renting a boat to anyone looking for a unique view of the San Juan Islands!

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