Visiting all 50 states

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had the goal of visiting all 50 states in my lifetime. Over the years this quest has manifested itself via various obsessions – first it was memorizing the Fifty Nifty United States song, then it was playing with state flashcards so frequently that soon I was able to recall the state bird of Hawaii at the drop of a hat (it’s the nene, by the way). After losing interest in my collector’s map of the state quarters, I realized I needed a new way to document my passion. So, here it is. I will be updating this page to include short stories and photos corresponding to each state I’ve visited and will hopefully add a few new states to my list in the next few months.

Here’s my map as it stands now – I’ve visited 34 out of 50 states and lived in three (colored in red). If you’re interested in creating your own map, visit WhereI’ and join the quest!

What state do you most want to visit and why?