I first visited the lovely state of Colorado in the summer of 2004 for an Engleson family reunion in Winter Park, where my aunt Peg and uncle Greg have a glorious cabin. Since then, I’ve been back to Winter Park quite a few times – Brian and I went in March of 2005 for some spring skiing, I went in August of 2010 with my cousin Kate for a nice relaxing weekend, my whole family went in February of 2011 for a fun ski weekend and again for another Engleson family reunion to celebrate New Years 2012 and my uncle Joe’s birthday! We also visited the Palen chalet with a fun group of friends in February of 2013. We also went to Breckenridge with Brian’s family for a ski trip in January of 2011 and spent a night in Boulder with Brian’s cousin Eddie on our road trip back to New England in the fall of 2012. Lots of fun memories in Colorado!